Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Maybe people don't suck so much afterall

This is such a rarity, but when it does happen, I'm left feeling befuddled and grateful, simultaneously.

Earlier in the evening,  I was coming home from my Tuesday night class.  I had gotten off the train and hit the busy intersection that I needed to cross before making it to my apartment.  As the pedestrian crossing sign flicked on and I started crossing the street, an SUV was making a hasty left turn while I was still in the middle of the intersection.

My heart literally sank as I came within a foot or two of being hit by a car.  I was feeling both a combination of fear and anger, and my heart started racing fast.  The car drove off, and I forced my little legs, which were still in shock, to hustle to the end of the crosswalk and onto the sidewalk next to my building.

As I stood near the entrance to my building, I needed to stop and catch my breath.  My heart had been beating as if I had just ran 7-8 miles.  I look up for a second in the direction the SUV had sped off in.  I noticed it had made an illegal U-turn and was heading back my way.  "Oh shit," a voice in my head said, "this fucker wants to really piss you off."

The car eventually stopped in front of my building, right were I was standing.  As the passenger window rolled down, I started to open my mouth to give the guy a piece of my mind.  Much to my shock, his first words were: "I'm so sorry...are you ok?"

Sorry?  Wait, what?  Did some asshole in an SUV just apologize for his own mistake?  Am I dreaming this?  Did hell just freeze over?  Can pigs fly now?

My arched shoulders relaxed as did my wrinkled brow.  I eased up my tense body and my entire disposition, and merely nodded my head.  "It's ok," I said, calmly, "Just be careful next time."  Still looking sheepish and embarrassed, he just muttered one last apology before hitting the gas pedal and speeding off into the south.  I watched his vehicle disappear into the skyline, never to be seen again.

True story, my friends, true story.

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